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Select YOUR ☛ JellyBOX 2 ☚ based on YOUR shipping label

JellyBOX 2.1.b.b
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JellyBOX 2 Models Differentiator

We are constantly improving the JellyBOX based on user feedback Make sure to follow the right instructions by selecting your model.

If you're in doubt, email with your serial number and we'll tell you.

Your JellyBOX model is explicitly noted:

  • on the bottom part of the JellyBOX itself, right next to the # serial number
  • on the shipping box label
  • on the Quick Start guide label

☛ JellyBOX 2.0

The instructions are shared with JellyBOX 2.1.b

Introduced in mid-2018, JellyBOX 2 replaced the original JellyBOX (aka JellyBOX Original) as the latest and greatest JellyBOX on the market. It looks similar to JellyBOX Original, but every part has been carefully re-worked for a better build experience and user experience. Nuts have been replaced with threaded inserts all around. No kidding; everything from the X carriage and extruder to the way belts are tensioned or parts annotates has been improved.

☛ JellyBOX 2.1.b

The instructions are shared with JellyBOX 2.0

JellyBOX 2.1.b came with a major innovation: it uses a 30% lighter frame material. Older JellyBOXes were made from 6mm thick stock, while now the stock is a combination of 6mm, 4mm, and 2mm. This is to no detriment to print quality, and it makes the JellyBOX much easier to haul around (and build). There are also new annotations on the bottom to improve instruction-less builds.

☛ JellyBOX 2.1.b.b

JellyBOX 2.1.b.b is a minor revision based on extended user feedback. The 2mm thick inner back has been replaced with a 4mm one, and we have added additional zip ties in the Back and in Front to prevent accidental dislodging of parts (it’s also possible to upgrade JellyBOX 2.1.b in this fashion manually at home). Alongside came a few more improvements like brand new 3D printed LCD spacers.

Looking for JellyBOX Original (aka JellyBOX 1) Instructions?

JellyBOX Original