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Welcome. This guide will walk you through swapping the cold bed on your JellyBOX Original (aka JellyBOX 1 or simply JellyBOX but NOT JellyBOX 2) for a heated bed.

This will be an exciting time for you and your JellyBOX! Heated bed will allow you to print more materials more easily, and simply make things run more care-free.

This guide is for people who built JellyBOX in the past and now they're upgrading. If you are building a new JellyBOX from scratch, please follow a regular build guide.

Before You Get Started

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Do NOT use the 'back arrow in the upper left corner' from the guides. You will end up in a central guide repository with no outline or hierarchy. You will be lost. If so, just come back here!

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1. Build Plate

First, we'll prepare the heated bed build plate. It's the heart of the upgrade.

3. Electronics (RAMPS)

Next, we'll have to get our electronics ready for to power our heated bed.

4. Attach the Heated Bed

Let's incorporate our heated bed into our JellyBOX.

4. How to Use the Heated Bed

How do you take advantage of your spanking new heated bed? What do you have to do differently?


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