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Most of this info is OUTDATED. This information pertains to JellyBOX Original, which has been replaced by JellyBOX 2. Please head to the docs homepage to see the latest info, if that's what you're after.

Before You Get Started

DO USE your browser's 'back' button to get back to this page

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Do NOT use the 'back arrow in the upper left corner' from the guides. You will end up in a central guide repository with no outline or hierarchy. You will be lost. If so, just come back here!

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Makers Kit Build Guide

We are in the middle of transforming Makers Guide into modern and cool documentation just like Easy Guide.

In the meantime

  1. Please follow the older pdf guides and videos at
  2. There's an updated version of the hotend assembly guide at HotEnd
  3. There's an updated version of the extruder assembly guide at Assemble the Extruder

Alternatively, you can follow the Easy Kit Guide, and supplement the missing parts with the PDF guides.


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