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Revision to Operating Instructions JB2

Filip Goc

Here's== Here's HowTo use Your JellyBOX 2 ==
Here's== Here's HowTo use Your JellyBOX 2 ==
''Whether you have built your JellyBOX (right on!) or whether you inherited one, here's what you need to know. ''
'''Essential Prerequisites:''' If you have not built the JellyBOX yourself, you may want to check out the ''Preflight Check'' and ''Your First Print'' sections of the build guide.
* [[Easy Kit Flow JB2#Section_12_Preflight_Check_All_Systems_Go|Preflight Check]]
* [[Easy Kit Flow JB2#Section_14_Your_1st_Print|Your First Print]]
'''You will learn HowTo'''
* Load and unload filament
* Calibrate the 1st layer height (!)
* and more
== Cura Slicer ==
You want to start slicing and printing your 3D models of Your choosing as fast as you can. Herein lies the magic.
[guidelist|tags=Cura 3 Slicer Quick Start Guide]

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