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How to Create a Guide

This will help you understand how to create a...

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In this video, we talk about the JellyBOX Anatomy, go through a basic...

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Workspace Setup

In this guide, we present a recommended workplace organization. We have run...

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Zip Tie Practice

This guide demonstrates how to use vise-grip to properly tighten zip ties....

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In this guide, we assemble and incorporate the Brace.

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In this guide, we add the back acrylic piece.

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Y Bracket Assembly

In this guide, we install the Y motor onto the Y motor bracket.

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X Carriage Assembly

In this guide, we build the X-carriage.

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3B. Proximity Sensor + Right Filament Fan

In this guide, we attach the right fans and the proximity sensor to the X...

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1A. “Sandwich”

In this guide, we build the 'Y assembly ' = 'bed' = 'build plate' assembly....