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Video Walkthrough

    • Y Bracket acrylic piece

    • Y Motor (marked with a Y label)

    • M3 hex key

    • M3x12 bolts (4)

    • M3 serrated washers (4)

    • Place one serrated washer on each of the four bolts.

    • One side of the bracket is marked "Y motor adjoins here to this side". Place the motor on that side.

    • Align the notch in the bracket with the Y motor connector. (Don’t mind the screws in this picture.

    • Finger-tighten the bolts into the 4 holes in the motor.

    • Tighten the bolts with the short leg of your M3 hex key. (To avoid over-tightening. Good trick.) Avoid alignment issues by tightening the bolts a little at a time in a diagonal pattern; so called cross-tightening. See the video for an example. All the cool kids do it.

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