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  1. Download and install Printrun from
    • Download and install Printrun from

    • Windows note: Printrun is a 'portable' application, so there is no installation process. Just unzip the program and it will run from it's folder (wherever it's located.)

    • Printrun is a 3D printing host software suite which talks to your printer and handles the printing process.

    • Printrun is free, open-source software, licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

  2. Use a USB cable to connect the Jellybox to the Computer.
    • Use a USB cable to connect the Jellybox to the Computer.

    • Any USB cable Type B should do, but only the supplied cable is guaranteed to work.

    • Turn the printer on.

  3. Set the baud rate to 250 000.
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Very new to this 3D printing Diego my grandson and we are really excited one thing we notice was that everyone put their hearts into the community. We started with a Anycubice Kobra and now Diego used some of his allowance and bought a Creality C10 Smart Pro, but we think we need to change some settings i downloaded Pronterface now it is saying to connect the jellybox . What is a jallybox? Traying to change the pid getting some stringing . He looked into the problem and that was one of the first thing to do if anyone can help it will be high[y appreciated . Thanks to everyone.

Guadalupe Patino Jr - Reply

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